Fluid Dynamics Housetron Testimonial


Customer Testimonial:

"Over the past year, I have been looking for a solution to our hard water problem without having to install a traditional water softener.  The plumbing department at A.B. May suggested that I try the Housetron from Fluid Dynamics.  In October, I had them install a Housetron in our home.  Since that time, we have noticed an increase in the flow of water from our shower heads and faucets.  It appears there is increased water flow in our dishwasher too.  There is also a noticeable reduction in the amount of scale build-up in the shower. I am confident that our plumbing and other appliances are benefiting from the Housetron as well.

I have a finished basement, so my decision to install the Housetron was an easy one.  If I would have installed a conventional water softener, I would have had to tear out and redo part of my finished basement in order to accommodate a water softener.  Then unit is also a passive system so I don't need to add salt.  The Housetron has only been installed a little more than on month but I am already seeing the benefits.  I believe I will continue to see more positive results in the coming months and years.


Dale Kirby
Home Owner
CFO A.B. May